Fool or Not?

1. How long do you think he has been in Olivia’s household?
I think for quite a long time because Maria was trying to help him out so that he doesn’t get punished

2. Is Feste a carefree fool with no troubles?
No, he causes lots of troubles like being absent without telling anyone or making fool of his master (Olivia).

3. Does he have a brain?
Yes, I guess so…if he is a human 🙂 I also think he is quite smart guy because it’s not that easy to play around with words so well.

4. If you were a director of this play either on stage or in film, who would you cast for Feste?  (Someone you know? A Hollywood actor? Your brother?)  How would you costume him/ her?
I would cast Jack Black for Feste’s role. Jack Black has been acting in some of the movies like ‘The School of Rock’ and ‘Nacho Libre’ as funny and silly characters. He also has a unique voice that he also dubbed few great animations like ‘Kung Fu Panda’, ‘Shark Tale’, and ‘Ice Age’.

5. Find some clues in the script that suggest action for Feste — particularly action that brings out the sillyness and merry-making in Feste’s nature.  If you were a director, what would you want the Fool to be doing physically in this scene?

Lines in Twelfth Night Act 1

My favorite lines in the Twelfth Night Act 1 are:

 1. “If music be the food of love, play on;” (1.1.1)

This line is the very first line of the whole play. It is simple and catchy. I think this line could change the rest of the play or scene by how the actor speaks it. I like it because it just stuck in my head when I first heard it and read it out. Even though it doesn’t really make sense in propper grammar, it sounds very natural and it doesn’t feel that awkward.

2. “Be you his eunuch, and your mute I’ll be;” (1.2.62)

I don’t really know why I like this line but I think it is because of the word ‘eunuch’. It doesn’t mean that I like the meaning of the word but I like the sound of it. The sentence seem to contain some kind of rythm because the words ‘eunuch’ and ‘mute’ have hard sounds (ch and t) at the end.

3. “What is ‘pourquoi’? Do, or not do?”

This line is also appealing because of the funny sounding word, ‘pourquoi’. It is really surprising to see the french word in between all those old English words and also surprising that it fits well. I like this line also because it shows the silliness or stupidness of Sir Andrew well. In the beginning of the scene, Sir Toby said that Sir Andrew speaks foreign languages well but by looking at this line, it seems that Sir Toby has told the wrong thing.


3 mad girls

This happened in the grade 6 summer holiday (the summer holiday before gr.7). I went to Korea only with my sister and both of us did all sorts of crazy things without adult supervision. We went shopping everyday and we skipped almost all the lessons that we had to go…hehe. And most of those times, we were with our cousin (actually, she was the one who made us do these things -_-).

By the end of the summer holiday, the three of us, my sister, cousin and I wanted something really, really SPECIAL….and maybe a bit…crazy. So we started to look through the internet and searched for weird outfits and some of the unusual things that other people have done. At that time in Korea, a famous singer group wore the type of clothes that we wanted, which was the ANIMAL PAJAMA. Fortunately, they were sold in some internet shopping malls and we bought 3 of them right away. I got the white tiger, my sister got the cow, and my cousin got the dinosaur.

HOWEVER, when they arrived, we couldn’t really think of what to do with them. We have already tried them to see if they fit and they did, we played around acting like those animals, and we also tried on each others. Then when we finally got out of things to do, my cousin came up with really cool idea. It was to go out in these pajamas. I didn’t really want to do that (because it’s very, very embarrassing) but the two of them just forced me to follow them 🙁

After deciding what to do, we planned to go out, get on the bus, go to the movies, then come back home, with the pajama on. So we wore them and went out. The good thing was that my cousin didn’t live in an apartment (the other people might have seen us) and the bad thing was that the time that we went out was when most school ended. We got on the bus and ofcourse, all the people on the bus looked at us strangely. And as we planned, we got off around the movie theatre and walked…. There were lots and lots of people, especially students who just came out of school. We met some of my cousin’s friends on the way to the movies and started to feel really embarrassed. So we decided not to watch the movie. We didn’t have anything else to do and just came back home.

I don’t know WHY we did such thing but looking back now, I think it was a good experience(?) or maybe… memorable event hehe. Maybe we could do it again when we go back to Korea in this summer holiday (which is still 6 months away), but this time, with different outfit XD

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